Live Winter to the Fullest with the New Firestone Winterhawk 4 Tyre

Firestone, the iconic tyre brand renowned for its durable and reliable products, has today launched the next generation of its flagship winter tyre line: the Firestone Winterhawk 4. Designed for passenger cars and on road SUVs, the Firestone Winterhawk 4 is a robust winter tyre offering excellent performance in all winter weather conditions, and all at great value.

Make the most out of winter

The new Firestone Winterhawk 4 tyre has been engineered to provide optimal control and handling in cold and unpredictable conditions. Designed for European drivers by European drivers, over 20,000 end users were interviewed to guide the development of the new Firestone Winterhawk 4. The insights they gave on their daily driving challenges, as well as their need for a winter tyre that performs in both the snow and wet, helped Firestone’s engineers develop the winter tyre drivers are looking for.

The Firestone Winterhawk 4 benefits from optimal control on snow and ice thanks to an optimised pattern design.[1] Likewise, a higher number of lateral grooves on the Firestone Winterhawk 4’s shoulder area enables an enhanced digging mechanism on snow and ice and an optimised contact pressure for short stopping distance in winter conditions. The tyre also applies a zig-zag groove design to improve grip.

These design features combine to give the Firestone Winterhawk 4 outstanding performance on snow and excellent wet braking. In addition to its great snow braking performance, the tyre has seven per cent better snow traction than its predecessor, the Firestone Winterhawk 3.[1] The new Winterhawk 4 also has a wet braking performance improved on the previous generation, with a stopping distance that is four per cent shorter.[2] This has led to the tyre being awarded an EU label B-grade in wet grip.

Helping European drivers overcome winter challenges

Firestone’s new Winterhawk 4 tyre will be available as of June 2020 in 94 sizes from 14” to 20”, covering small cars to large SUVs. The new launch increases Firestone’s winter market coverage to 92 per cent in total and to 81 per cent in high rim sizes (17’’ and above).

Commenting on the new release was Emilio Tiberio, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Bridgestone EMIA: “Firestone has always delivered value for money tyres that offer strong and reliable performance for a safe journey. Above any other, winter is the season that brings the greatest driving challenges. Performing in the snow, wet and ice, the Winterhawk 4, Firestone’s latest winter tyre, is designed to help European drivers overcome these challenges and stay safe and in control on winter roads in all weather conditions.”

[1] Tests carried out by Bridgestone in March 2020 at Arctic Falls Pitea proving ground (indoor) in Sweden, with VW Golf, on tyre size 225/45 R17. Winterhawk 4 compared to the performance of predecessor Winterhawk 3.  Snow acceleration/traction (10 km/h to 35 km/h) in seconds Firestone Winterhawk 4 (2.72), Firestone Winterhawk 3 (2.92)

[2] Test carried out by TÜV SÜD on the request of Bridgestone in March 2020 at ATP Papenburg proving ground in Germany, with VW Golf, on tyre size 225/45 R17. Winterhawk 4 compared to the performance of predecessor Winterhawk 3. Report No. 713183177. Wet braking distance (80 km/h to 20 km/h) in meters: Firestone Winterhawk 4 (28.3), Firestone Winterhawk 3 (29.4)