Ulvila, Finland – 10 July, 2018 – Cimcorp, a manufacturer and integrator of turnkey robotic tire-handling and order fulfillment solutions, has been selected as strategic partner by Shandong Linglong Tyre Co., Ltd. (Linglong) for its tire plant automation projects.
The first collaboration between Linglong and Cimcorp is the automation of the company’s established plant in Zhaoyuan, China, which produces truck & bus radial (TBR) tires. With its modular design, Cimcorp’s Dream Factorysolution is ideal for this brownfield project. The turnkey material handling solution will be installed in stages to ensure minimum disruption to production.
During spring 2018, Linglong placed another order with Cimcorp for the automation of the high-bay warehouse, palletizing and shipping areas in its passenger car radial (PCR) tire plant in Chonburi, Thailand, which was opened in 2014.

In addition to its Zhaoyuan, Dezhou and Liuzhou factories in China, Linglong is building a fourth Chinese plant at a 223-acre site in the city of Jingmen in Hubei province. Linglong held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new facility on 6 July during its 2018 Linglong Global Partners Summit, in which Cimcorp was presented with an “Outstanding Partner” award by Linglong.

The new plant in Jingmen is part of Linglong Tyre’s “5 + 3” manufacturing strategy for five production facilities in China and three in other countries. The company is striving to become a top 10 global tire manufacturer in revenue and achieve an annual capacity of 90 million units by 2020. To reach its goal, Linglong Tyre is automating its existing facilities, as well as investing in greenfield plants.

Vice President of Sales at Cimcorp, Kai Tuomisaari, commented: “We are delighted to begin working with Linglong and Cimcorp will continue in its efforts to deliver the most advanced automation technology to leading Chinese tire manufacturers in order to help them achieve process optimization, quality improvement, maximum productivity and increased profitability.”

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