A puncture is one of a driver’s worst nightmares.

Weighing up the prospect of changing a tyre, calling roadside recovery or – in the worst case – resorting to the can of sealing foam your car was equipped with instead of a spare wheel.

For this reason some manufacturers have committed to supplying run flat tyres as standard, so that with most punctures you can still get home before you need to replace your tyre.

But when it comes to changing run flat tyres you typically pay a premium for the reinforced sidewalls and specialist rim fit required – until now.

Landsail supplies two of its most popular tyre patterns, the ultra-high performance LS588 and the standard passenger car LS388 – in run flat versions to offer an affordable, reliable alternative to premium OE runflat tyres.

Built on the same principles of using a reinforced sidewall to maintain structural integrity enough to safely get you home, Landsail’s run flat range not only takes the sting out of the cost of replacing these highly engineered tyres, it also brings the same trusted performance that has seen the entire Landsail range account for the sale of one in every 25 tyres sold in the UK.

“Run flat tyres require a lot of engineering to reassure drivers that when they need them most, they will not fail,” said Leigh Melling, brand manager for Landsail in the UK. “There can be some compromise for drivers as their cars are set up a little harder to manage the tyres effectively day-to-day.

“But it’s important that those compromises do not detract from the performance, and that is what Landsail brings.

“The exceptional performance of its low profile LS588 is replicated here, so drivers can have supreme confidence, wet or dry, that this tyre will deliver precise control, great handling and responsive braking.”

Thanks to its 3D block design, the LS588 maintains maximum grip for longer and despite its lower profile, it’s sidewalls have a proven track record of maintaining support up to 50mph following a puncture.

For the smaller passenger car LS388 you also get that reassurance, with grip and handling profiles replicated for the run flat model plus optimised pitch alignment to enhance the tyre’s noise-cancelling features, helping make the LS388 run flat version a comfortable, peaceful drive.

Plus you have the added convenience of being able to purchase them online and booking your preferred fitting time with your local Landsail dealer. Simply visit you can buy your fresh new run flat tyres 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and choose fitting to suit.