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Winter retreads are to receive the snowflake symbol, which is associated with a performance test.

As from 01 January 2018, a new regulation is coming into force for manufactured retreaded tyres which are used as winter tyres. In addition to the existing M+S designation, they must now also bear the snowflake symbol (3PMFS symbol). KRAIBURG Austria, the retreading specialist, has been supplying the right pattern for every application, every requirement and all road conditions for over 65 years. Because of the new labelling requirement and the situational winter tyre obligations, which have been valid in Germany since 1 June, the Upper Austrians have expanded their product range. All designs convince thanks to their above-average traction and several performance tests have confirmed this.

KRAIBURG treads are at least 25% better than reference tyres

The “3PMSF” tyre symbol is now, for the first time, linked with a performance test on retreads under ECE-109 R Annex 7 and is far more significant than the conventional “M+S” labelling based on classifications devised by the manufacturers. KRAIBURG Austria has subjected seven of its winter patterns to 3 PMSF testing: K47, K54, K207, K208, K224, K701 and the K702. The results are impressive: all the designs demonstrate at least 25% better traction than the standard reference tyre and have therefore earned the prescribed snowflake symbol.

“Our quality materials guarantee performance and safety,” said Christoph Priewasser, Product Manager at KRAIBURG Austria. “We are delighted that we now have a recognised symbol to prove the quality of our products. We will gladly issue detailed test results to our retreading partners, so that they can pass these on to their customers.

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