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Kraiburg Design Programme – New Edition

Offering the best possible quality and optimum service has always been the goal of retreading specialist Kraiburg Austria. On the one hand, this is expressed in the environ­men­tally conscious and certified manufacturing process of the quality retreads. On the other hand, in the continuous exchange and personal contact with the retreading partners. It is very important to the Upper Austrians to provide them with an ideal working basis for discussions with their customers. And so the design programme is reissued every year. The latest one has just been published and shows all relevant information on 32 pages in a clear and easy-to-understand way. New is the 3PMSF marked tread pattern K738, which is already available in the K_base and K_plus mix in widths of 250 and 260 mm, and will also be available in 270 mm from autumn 2023. In addition to the K738, the successfully launched K727 profile series has been supple­mented by the 250 mm width. For other designs, the retreading specialist has made a few adjustments and optimisations. The designs for special applications are no longer included in the regular tread pattern list. For reasons of clarity and easier handling, Kraiburg Austria is now presenting these separately. However, the practical overview of all 3PMSF marked tread patterns is still integrated on a double page. The new design programme is available printed on recycled paper or as a pdf file for download: