KRAIBURG Austria is Launching a Water-Based Solution

Retreading companies are today facing great challenges with the constantly increasing demands on the operational safety, employee and environmental protection. These especially include the classic spraying or coating solutions for hot and cold retreads. These products con­tain petrol and are classed as hazardous goods which are subject to strict specifications and restrictions. This applies both for hazardous goods trans­ports and storage and for processing and disposal of the empty containers as special waste. There is now an adequate alternative: With “Perivallon”, KRAIBURG Austria is launching a water-based solution onto the market for the first time. This offers both ecological and economic advantages over the established solutions containing petrol.

The applied quantity of Perivallon is one tenth

Solvent vapours occur directly at the workplace when spraying on petrol solu­tion – a high and direct exposure for all employees. For maximum avoidance of risks for the team and the environment, extraction devices, protective clo­thing and regular measurements are legally prescribed. The new Perivallon contains no hydrocarbon solvents and is therefore less harmful to the en­vironment and employees. There is no longer any need for expensive and often difficult to organise hazardous goods transports and storage modali­ties. The disposal of empty containers is unproblematical. Plus the fact that the applied quantity of Perivallon is only one tenth of that of the conventional petrol solution which reduces storage space by 90 per cent. Precise dosing of Perivallon therefore makes a major contribution to avoiding waste. Another advantage is that maintenance and cleaning costs of spray booth, spray guns and filters are much lower. And, since health-hazardous and environmentally harmful vapours are no longer emitted, an extraction device, although recom­mended, is not absolutely essential. “The name `Perivallon` comes from the Greek and simply means `environment`”, Holger Düx, Sales Manager at KRAIBURG Austria explains. “We are happy, with this product, to be able to make an active contribution to the greatest good of any company, the health of their employees. At the same time, we will avoid harmful emissions with com­parably good application results.”

High concentration – ten times the number of tyres

The application is extremely simple: KRAIBURG Austria supplies Perivallon in 20-litre canisters. Owing to the high concentration, ten times the number of tyres in comparison with the conventional petrol-based solution can be processed. Stirring or shaking is only necessary after long standstill times. It is applied using its own spray system including the appropriate spray head which ensures optimum dosing. Perivallon appears on the carcass initially as a whitish, milky film which becomes transparent within the five to eight-minute drying process. Both the material temperature and the room tem­perature should be at least 15°C during processing. Perivallon is available from March to the end of October. Protected from frost, it can be stored for nine months. For further information go to