Kraiburg Austria Helps To Ensure Transportation Of Goods

The Corona crisis presents a challenge – for almost all markets in Europe and the rest of the world. But tyres are system-relevant products. They ensure, for one thing, that goods trans­portation can be maintained and that supply chains are not interrupted. They therefore contribute to securing basic supplies to the people. KRAIBURG Austria is facing the challenges associated with Corona – with the aim of ensuring all partners the desired quality material for hot or cold retreads on-time and service-orientated. Protecting the health of the staff naturally has top priority. We strictly follow an extensive catalogue of mea­sures. “We have adapted our current production capacities to the present situation of course,” Stefan Mayrhofer, Managing Director of KRAIBURG Austria explains. “But we are still giving retreaders our best possible support to meet their respective demand or replenish their stocks.”

No total collapse so far – the demand will increase

The demand situation varies considerably in the different regions of Europe depending on the extent of the crisis. “Whilst we see clear recessions in heavily stricken Southern Europe, Northern and Central Europe seem to be getting through the crisis better at the moment,” Sales Director Holger Düx says. The good news: A total collapse has not been registered anywhere so far. “Luckily, we were able to disperse uncer­tainties regarding the delivery situation which were worrying our custo­mers considerably in the beginning,” Holger Düx continues. It was deci­sive here that goods transportation throughout Europe has remained largely without restrictions.

KRAIBURG Austria assumes that the demand for high quality tyres will increase again in the coming months and that there will be delivery bottlenecks due to the production stop in parts of the new tyre industry in Europe and the Asian tyre manufacturers. “Here, we see the opportunity for premium retreads to score points with availability and deliverability in the current scenario. We all remember the year 2011 in which this was exactly the case,” says Stefan Mayrhofer. “We see this ability to deliver at the right time for our customers as one of our central tasks in the current situation.”