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Keep the Pressure up to Save Money


  • Underinflated tyres increase the amount of fuel used while driving
  • As much as £1bn could be being wasted across the UK as a result of uninflated tyres
  • Driving with underinflated tyres means they will need to be replaced more often

With the cost-of-living crisis continuing to bite, TyreSafe is reminding drivers of the significant savings to be gained from keeping their tyres at the right pressure.

As petrol prices reach shocking highs on an almost daily basis, and price rises expected to continue, TyreSafe is reminding drivers they can save money on their motoring bills by ensuring their tyres are at the correct pressure.

Underinflated tyres require more force to make them turn, making vehicles consume more fuel. Tyres inflated to just 6psi below their recommended inflation pressure could produce a 3% increase in fuel consumption, costing over £600 million to UK drivers every year.

That figure that could easily rise to over £1bn if drivers don’t achieve the official fuel consumption figure for their vehicle.

Underinflation also causes tyres to wear out more quickly, meaning drivers will need to replace them more often, adding further unnecessary and avoidable expense.

In addition, tyres with insufficient air are more likely to suffer from a sudden rapid deflation and premature wear on the outer edges of the tyre. Most importantly, tyre pressure is crucial for optimum braking and cornering performance.

With no end to the cost-of-living crisis in sight, it is vital that drivers are checking their tyres once a month, every month and before long journeys to help prevent these unnecessary costs now and in the future. Drivers should check their tyres when they are cold and use an accurate pressure gauge, regardless of whether their vehicle is fitted with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) or not. The correct pressures for the vehicle are often found in the fuel filler cap or in one of the front door sills.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe Chair, said: “Motorists can’t do anything about the rising price of fuel but every driver can minimise their fuel bill by ensuring their tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. It’s simple to do and even if you’re unsure, the vast majority of tyre retailers will help. You’ll save money on fuel and tyre replacement while reducing your risks of an incident on the roads – what’s stopping you?” features an online pressure-checker tool, which enables drivers to look up the correct pressures for their vehicle. The website also supplies a wealth of guidance and resources to support drivers in performing regular tyre safety checks.