It’s Time To Update Your Hamaton TPMS Diagnostic Tool!

TPMS tool manufacturers regularly release software updates throughout the year to allow for software changes, new sensor technologies, and vehicle model introductions. The newest generation of TPMS sensors need the latest generation TPMS Tool software, and keeping your TPMS tool software up to date helps ensure faster, more successful TPMS services with fewer errors.

To get the best from your TPMS diagnostic tools, we highly recommend you update them. Simply update your TPMS diagnostic tool via WebVT by connecting it to a PC with the USB cable provided. If you haven’t got WebVT, you can download from the Hamaton website.

You can also learn how to update your Hamaton TPMS tool in just a few simple steps by watching their ‘How to’ video! Here you will find instructions on how to install the WebVT updating platform and update your Hamaton TPMS diagnostic tool.

If you require help installing WebVT or updating your TPMS diagnostic tool, follow their step-by-step WebVT installation guide downloadable from the website, or get in touch with their Support Team on if you have any further questions.