It is with pride as well as excitement that we announce the launch of the Magna AG23. Not only is this tyre special because of its high performance and craftmanship, it is also special due to its manufacturing origin. The entire manufacturing process of the Magna AG23 has taken place in the Netherlands which makes the tyre truly unique in its kind.

The tyre has been specifically designed for agriculture trucks and trailers with a special tread design optimized for agriculture and transport purposes. Whichever application the agriculture truck or trailer is used in; it will function better for a longer period of time with the introduction of this exclusively new tyre.

Maximum load barring capacity
Thanks to the use of premium rubber compound, the tyres has an exceptional amount of operational hours compared to any other comparable tyre. This all round agriculture tyre will be available in the popular size 24R20.5 and has a maximum single load barring of 7.100 kg at 80km/h.

Increased performance
The state-of-the-art radial construction of the Magna AG23 provides improved load performance, has a low rolling resistance and enhanced operator comfort. With a tread depth of 17 mm the tyre performs extremely well in severe industrial conditions.