Independent Testing Underscores Quality and Performance of Point S Summer Tyre

Point S, the world’s largest independent tyre dealer and car maintenance network, has announced the positive results of third-party testing of its Summer tyre.

The tests, which examined the safety, quality and performance of the product, were conducted by independent technical testing organisation, TÜV SÜD. The company is renowned across the world for its trusted insight into the quality of products and brands.

Highly experienced test engineers from TÜV SÜD put the Point S Summer tyre through its paces over a variety of tests, assessing key aspects of its performance, safety and efficiency.

Throughout the testing, the Summer tyre was benchmarked against a budget tyre, two competing Tier 2 brand tyres and a premium tyre. The test results show that the Point S tyre performed better than the budget and Tier 2 products and was comparable to the premium product in a number of test criteria.

International Private Label Product Manager at Point S Development, Emilie Faure, said: “Working with a trusted industry leader like TÜV SÜD was important to ensure the highest quality of independent data to demonstrate our product’s credentials. Having tangible third-party test data to underline the quality and performance of the Point S Summer tyre provides real peace of mind for our customers and business partners across the world.”

Fabian Bouquet, CEO of the International Point S Group, added: “The improvements made to our Summer tyre offering are testament to our commitment to provide motorists with products that are increasingly safe, comfortable, economical and high quality. Courtesy of these third-party tests, customers can be left in no doubt that our product represents superb value for money at a premium level of performance.”

Produced exclusively for the Point S network, Point S Summer tyres are developed, tested and manufactured in Europe. Available for customers in the European, African and Asian markets, the range consists of the Point S Summer tyre and the Point S Summer Van.

Both versions of the Summer tyre have been developed to offer customers greater efficiency, safety and longevity than the previous model, the Summerstar 3+. The Point S Summer tyre’s cutting-edge technology and unique design mean that it is more economical, with optimised rolling resistance and higher mileage capability. It is also safer, boasting better braking distance in both wet and dry conditions, as well as a reduced risk of aquaplaning.

The improvements demonstrated in the new range highlight Point S’s commitment to developing products that offer customers a premium level of performance and quality at a competitive price.