IGA Garage Guide to Give Independents Control of Their Online Presence

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is releasing the Garage Guide to Online Presence to help independent garages promote their own image and online presence, negating the need to rely on third-party work provision companies.

The 68-page guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to develop company branding, set up a website and social media pages, create Google Business and Maps listings, learn about online marketing methods, collect analytics and respond to reviews.

Stuart James, IGA CEO, said: “Events in recent months have shown, more than ever, the importance of having an online presence to communicate with customers and generate business.

“While third-party work provider websites are a tempting, easy option for independent garages to maintain visibility online, they stifle brand identities and create a barrier between garages and their customers, all while charging expensive rates.

“The Garage Guide to Online presence will give independent garages the knowledge and confidence to create a new profile or expand their existing online branding without the need to rely on work providers, helping their business thrive while saving money on marketing.”

The Garage Guide to Online Presence will be distributed as a paperback book to IGA members this month.