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Howmet Wheel Systems Expands European Family Of Ultra One® Wheels With Magnaforce® Alloy

Howmet Wheel Systems announces the European roll out of one of its strongest and lightest wheels: the lightest in its class 22.5” x 11.75” size offset 0 mm wheel, the newest member of the Alcoa® Ultra ONE® family. The latest addition to the European portfolio of Alcoa® Wheels is made possible with the breakthrough proprietary MagnaForce® alloy technology. With added strength, compared to the industry standard, MagnaForce® alloy enables an even stronger wheel, making Ultra ONE® wheels the strongest aluminium Alcoa® Wheels in their class.

“MagnaForce® alloy allows us to continue to expand our portfolio of lightweight, freight-efficient and easy-to-maintain wheels. Our ground-breaking Ultra ONE® wheels can help fleets to increase payload and fuel efficiency, while contributing to reduced carbon footprint supporting to meet Europe’s ambitious emission reduction goals”, said István Katus, Vice President EMEA of Howmet Wheel Systems.

The NEW Ultra ONE® Alcoa® Wheel 22.5” x 11.75” 0 mm offset with MagnaForce® alloy offers trailers immediate and significant benefits, such as:

  • –  Reduced weight of 4.9 kg per wheel to only 19.9 kg (26 mm mounting hole version) and the 32 mm mounting hole version only weights 19.8 kg
  • –  Maintaining the 5t payload
  • –  Compatible both with clip-on and adhesive balancing weights
  • –  Compatible with leading TPMS valve mounting systems*
  • –  Available with extra rim flange protection as Dura-Flange® and Dura-Bright® / Dura-Flange® wheels

Available in all Alcoa® Wheels finishes: Dura-Bright®, LvL ONE® and Brushed.

The new Ultra ONE® Alcoa® Wheel 22.5” x 11.75” 0 mm offset with MagnaForce® alloy can be ordered through the official Distributor network. Find one near you through the search application on the website Or contact your vehicle manufacturer.

Alcoa® Wheels are the perfect choice for commercial vehicles. By switching from steel to Alcoa® Wheels, users can save up to 51% in wheel weight, allowing them to:

  • –  Increase payload
  • –  Reduce operating costs
  • –  Boost profitability
  • –  Extend brake and tyre life with better heat dissipation