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Historic Launch of First-Ever Prometeon-Branded Tyres Celebrated Against Backdrop of Giza Pyramids In Egypt

Prometeon Tyre Group, a leader company in the development, production and marketing of tyres for the industrial, agro and OTR sectors, today unveiled the first-ever tyres the Serie 02 – to carryPrometeon branding since the Company was founded in 2017.

Prometeon marked its historic transition to a product brand by staging a special ceremony in the shadow of the Giza pyramids in Egypt to mark the momentous occasion.

An intensive research and development programme saw 6,000-plus tyres tested and more than 200 million kilometres covered in all climatic and road conditions. The Prometeon-branded Serie 02 tyres will initially be produced at the company’s Alexandria plant and made available to markets in Egypt, other Middle East nations and Africa. The new tyres will be distributed in Europe, including the UK, by the end of 2024.

Prometeon Tyre Group CEO Roberto Righi said: “Today is a truly historic occasion for our Group because the Prometeon brand appears for the first time on our most innovative tyres, the Serie 02. We are entering a new phase of Prometeon’s journey and can look back on a heritage that has generated more than 100 years of know-how and the production of more than 150 million tyres.

He added: “This launch coincides with the 30th anniversary of our factory in Egypt, where more than 2,000 people are employed, some 100 of whom will be honoured during our celebrations because they began work at the plant when it was established in 1994 and continue to do so today.

The first tyres to carry the Prometeon brand are the G02 ON-OFF and the G210. The G02 ON-OFF is designed for mixed road-construction site use, while G210 is for heavy regional applications with a special focus on local-market needs.

The Serie 02 line will initially be produced at Prometeon’s innovative and increasingly sustainable manufacturing site in Alexandria, which is also the location of the company’s fourth research and development facility, following establishment of those in Italy, Brazil and Turkey.


Sizes: 325/95R24 and 12.00R24.

This product is designed to raise resistance and durability levels for severe on-off applications, for mixed use on roads and construction sites and under aggressive tread-wear conditions. The bead structure has been redesigned and reinforced and a new tread pattern has been developed to improve tear resistance and ensure even wear. The new belt package structure boosts carcass robustness and resistance to high temperatures. The new structure and a new tread pattern contribute to improving performance.

Compared to the previous series, in the 325/95 size, there is a 10% increase in Ply Rating (increased to 22PR), a 15% increase in durability (thanks to the new design and tread composition), a 10% increase in safety (thanks to the new casing), and a 10% improvement in tread wear at the same mileage.


Developed for all construction-truck axles, optimised to ensure retreadability, tear resistance, and improved use in off-road application without compromising acoustic comfort and mileage performance on paved roads.


Developed for construction-truck drive axles, optimised to ensure high mileage, retreadability, tear resistance, robustness, and high traction, even during the most demanding on-off operations.


Sizes: 325/95 R24.

This tyre has been specifically designed for severe applications with high operational loads for heavy regional use. The bead and belt package has been redesigned and reinforced with structures specifically engineered to ensure high levels of integrity, aimed at enhancing performance even under severe extreme conditions. This is the first tyre on the market with a 24PR rating.

A new tread pattern has been developed to optimise performance across various applications. There is also a new tread compound for high mileage and low heat generation. Developed for all axles and specifically designed for heavy regional applications, it delivers immense durability, safety, and even wear as well as an extended lifecycle.

Compared to the competition, it boasts a 30% increase in durability (thanks to the reinforced carcass structure), a 15% improvement in wear (thanks to the new compound and tread design), and a 20% enhancement in safety (thanks to the new tread design).

Alexandria Manufacturing Site Celebrates 30 Years of Operation and Contains Prometeon’s Fourth R&D Centre

Prometeon’s Alexandria production site, spanning 300,000m², boasts a workforce of over 2,000 professionals. Celebrating its 30th year of operation, it has produced more than 19 million tyres since its inception in 1994.

In 2022, the company accelerated investment of €85 million in a technological innovation and sustainability programme scheduled to end in 2026. Committed to biodiversity, the site features a green oasis that covers approximately 18,000m² and accommodates more than 500 species of flora and fauna.

The Alexandria site also houses Prometeon Tyre Group’s fourth R&D facility, which is focused on product innovation for local applications.