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Award-winning alloy wheel protection system AlloyGator receives prestigious approval

Endorsement from TÜV SÜD opens doors to further European and global expansion

There are as many as 95 million damaged alloy wheels on UK roads alone which could benefit from AlloyGator protection

UK-based alloy wheel protection specialists AlloyGator is planning a major European expansion following approval of its product from TÜV SÜD and The Czech Ministry of Transport Technical Services.

The stringent testing process is undertaken by one of the world’s leading technical service organisations that checks the product is safe and reliable. AlloyGator excelled under specialist testing in various conditions.

Having achieved its first TÜV SÜD approval, AlloyGator is looking to repeat the success across other European countries which will attract new distributors and enable more motorists to benefit from the wheel protection system that greatly reduces the risk of wheel damage.

Already an award-winning product, this safety, reliability and compliancy approval of the AlloyGatorwheel protection system was also given by The Czech Ministry of Transport Technical Services.

The Czech Republic is one of AlloyGator’s key target European countries where it is developing its distributor network, hence the decision to apply for TÜV SÜD approval in this country first, before applying in other states on the continent.

Meanwhile, TÜV SÜD’s roots trace back to Germany in the late 1800’s and it has grown and developed to provide technical services around the world in a range of fields, from automotive through to power stations, including product safety and management systems.

Curt Rathbone, managing director at AlloyGator, said: “Achieving TÜV SÜD approval, which involves one of the world’s most stringent testing processes conducted by a leading international regulatory compliance management company, marks a major landmark in AlloyGator’s 14-year history.

“While it is huge feather in our cap, more importantly, it benefits our distributor network, both in the Czech Republic and further afield, by giving even further reassurance that AlloyGator is proven to be safe and reliable.

“For motorists, it is yet further proof that AlloyGator offers a superior solution to alloy wheel protection.”

AlloyGator wheel protectors help drivers prevent scuffs and scrapes, often caused by kerbs and potholes. Its super-tough nylon protection system, which is available in a range of colours, fits between the alloy wheel and the tyre reducing the risk of damage.

AlloyGator Exclusive wheel protectors are available as sets or singles, and can be purchased from the company’s website with professional, five-star fitting via a network of approved fitters at garages nationwide. AlloyGator also offer an official fitting kit and handy step by step instructions for those people fitting them themselves.