Heuver Now Also Able To Press Solid OTR Tyres

Since the start of March, Heuver has been using a new tyre press which makes it possible to mount solid OTR tyres, also in large sizes. It is a 150-tonne industrial press, which is suitable for solid OTR tyres from 15.5-25 to 29.5-25, but can also be used for 20” solid industrial tyres. The press, which is located at the warehouse in Hardenberg, was used for the first time on the 5thof March and was part of a collaboration with Trelleborg Wheel Systems BeNeLux.

Fast delivery

“Our aim is to make sure that all customers quickly receive tyres that are perfect for their specific situation”, says Bert van ‘t Holt, Product Manager OTR tyres at Heuver. “And the new tyre press is another way of helping us to realise this objective. In the past, we had to have solid OTR tyres pressed externally, because it is a highly specialised job. But we can now make things even easier for our customers and deliver even faster, because we can take care of everything in-house. In addition, the press allows us to disassemble tyres that are filled with polyurethane. Because they have been completely filled, this is not possible with normal tyre mounting/disassembly machines.”

The benefits of solid tyres:

  • Maximisation of uptime – solid tyres cannot be punctured, even in the most demanding circumstances
  • This helps to greatly improve safety
  • The tyres are used for heavy duty purposes, like when recycling large pieces of metal, where pneumatic tyres are highly likely to be punctured
  • Solid tyres fit on all OEM rims, for all types of machines

Heuver is able to supply Brawler Soft-Ride (Trelleborg) and SG Revolution from stock, says Bert van ’t Holt: “The Brawler Soft-Ride is the most innovative solid tyre. Due to its special compound, it offers the comfort of a polyurethane-filled pneumatic tyre. SG Revolution is a very durable solid tyre, which has proven its worth in very demanding conditions over the past few decades.”

Service and a high level of customer satisfaction

“Heuver is proud that a high level of customer satisfaction has been achieved by offering a comprehensive service”, adds Bert van ’t Holt. “It speaks volumes that our customers give us an average rating of 8.7. They can always contact us if they have questions, but we also like to help them proactively. The new tyre press for solid tyres is also an important part of our ‘full service’ concept, which we want to use to give customers complete peace of mind. For instance, we have the largest range of new and used OTR tyres in Europe; can supply accompanying rims; arrange trade-in and collection of tyres, casings and rims; and also take care of assembly (possibly on site). We receive a lot of positive reactions from customers when doing so; and that’s why we do what we do.”