Hella Gutmann – Future Proofing Business for Independents

On Thursday 17th February, HELLA HQ opened its doors to the aftermarket trade media to officially introduce three new products that will give independent workshops, as well as glass repairers and bodyshops, the ability to access vehicle data to provide ongoing diagnostic solutions to their customers, therefore securing a long-term future for their businesses.

After explaining the recent 80% acquisition of HELLA shares by French original equipment (OE) manufacturer, Faurecia, and highlighting future opportunities for several new product groups being introduced into the UK aftermarket, Managing Director, Neil Grant handed over to Head of Hella Gutmann UK, Neil Hilton, to formally announce the launch of the Hella Gutmann mega macs X, the macsRemote and CSC-Digital.

Hella Gutmann is widely recognised throughout Europe as a leader in diagnostic technology,” explained Hilton, “but with the introduction of mega macs X and macsRemote, we’ve not just raised the bar, we’ve changed the landscape.

“Not only is the mega macs X very different in appearance to other diagnostic devices, it’s also the most advanced tool Hella Gutmann has ever developed. It incorporates the processor, diagnostic software and integrated diagnostic protocols, which includes among others, the CAN FD and DoIP for recent vehicle models such as Škoda Octavia, Volvo XC 90 and Volkswagen Golf 8 , but communicates on a wireless basis.

“The revolutionary product therefore fundamentally changes the operational method and communication with the vehicle from a diagnostic standpoint, providing the utmost flexibility when it comes to both hardware and software configurations. It allows individual workshops to choose whether they wish to combine their existing desktop browsers or tablets with the mega macs X, or move to a totally mega macs driven platform, so offering a solution that can be adapted to the specific needs of the workshop.”

Sticking with diagnostic tools, the macsRemote provides another game-changing solution, which specifically addresses diagnostic access to newer vehicles that even the most up-to-date aftermarket tools cannot cater for.

“In short,” Hilton continued, “macsRemote allows independent workshops to legitimately access the vehicle manufacturer’s (VM) own tools, to diagnose diagnostic faults and activate solutions, to any vehicle from the moment it leaves the showroom, which means that no vehicle is anymore out of bounds to the independent!”

Last, but by no means least, Hilton introduced the CSC-Digital, the company’s third and latest advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) camera/radar calibration solution, which sits alongside its existing CSC-Tool SE and CSC-Mobile offerings.

“The CSC-Tool Digital is the latest ADAS calibration evolution,” said Hilton, “and so everything that’s possible with the analogue tools also works with the digital version, but faster and more efficiently.

“However, the digital tool also has some additional benefits, for example, the targets required for the front cameras are accessed via remote control and an Apple TV box, which are then simply projected onto a screen, so there’s no need to store and carry around the large-format targets. This saves both time and money because currently many different targets are required for the vehicles that are commonly used in the UK.

“With these three introductions, Hella Gutmann has developed the solutions that provide independents with a route to remain at the forefront of the service and repair sector, and rightfully and effectively, compete with the VM franchised dealer network,” Hilton concluded.

For more information about the mega macs X, macsRemote or CSC-Digital, as well any other diagnostic requirement, contact the Hella Gutmann team on 01295 662402 or visit: www.hella-gutmann.co.uk