Hawthorns Logistics Renew Contract with Prometeon Tyre Group

Hawthorns Logistics, a family run business based in Washington, Sunderland, have signed a 12 month Pay-as-You-Go contract with Prometeon Tyre Group for their entire fleet. The new contract includes Prometeon’s central billing tool, PRO Management. 

The new agreement covers Hawthorns Logistics fleet of mainly refrigerated vehicles including 28 tractor units and 50 trailers which deliver seven days a week, 24 hours a day, from the North East of England down to London and up to Scotland. This is a high mileage fleet; each vehicle drives 260,000km or more per year.

The Hawthorns Logistics fleet collects full loads of consolidated chilled and ambient products such as yoghurts, meats and salads, as well as fruit and vegetables, from specialist chilled distribution operators along the East Coast of England, which are then delivered to Regional Delivery Centres around the UK. A small part of the fleet delivers plastic mouldings and car parts for Jaguar Land Rover and BMW. The company has also recently diversified into earth moving equipment with a single low loader vehicle.

Hawthorns Logistics highest volume of daily deliveries are between 22.00 and 05.00 in the morning and, although the roads are free of traffic, drivers are often held up by diversions and road works so the fleet operator is looking for a tyre operator that can manage their tyres efficiently and avoid costly delays.

Chris Kilsby, Director, Hawthorns Logistics, explains; “We replace 30 to 40 tyres a month and we rely on Prometeon to keep our trucks on the road to meet our scheduled timed delivery slots. The service from Prometeon has certainly been impressive. To quote just one example, one of our vehicles was blocking the A1 and a Prometeon dealer was there within 15 minutes getting the driver back on the road in no time at all.’

Asked why Hawthorn Logistics are renewing their tyre contract with Prometeon, Kilsby says, “We are always loyal to our suppliers who add real value to our business and are aligned with us to ensure we provide a high quality service to our customers. Prometeon and their dealers have delivered an exemplary service over the last year, and we are looking forward to building the relationship further with them.”

Prometeon are supplying their premium PIRELLI branded TR01T drive tyre for the Hawthorns Fleet. Kilsby has been especially impressed with the drive tyres that have been fitted on their tractor units. ‘Drivers need a reliable tyre with a strong tread and grip to avoid wheel spin in wet and snowy weather conditions. We’ve gained huge time efficiencies on the vehicles fitted with the TR01T drive tyres and our drivers have also seen tangible benefits in the Winter months, in terms of safety on the road and improved delivery times.”

Commenting on the new contract, Jamie Courtnage, Prometeon’s Business Development Manager, adds: “With the signing of this new contract, I’m delighted that Prometeon will continue to be working with Hawthorns Logistics.  Working together we are achieving very tangible time management, efficiency and safety benefits for the Hawthorns Logistics fleet. Along, with our dedicated tyre dealer network, we’re committed to continuing to provide the excellent tyre products and proactive and seamless tyre management service that Hawthorns demands.’