Hankook’s Model Solution Subsidiary will Showcase its High-Tech Products at Consumer Electronics Show 2021

Model Solution, a subsidiary of the premium tyre maker Hankook, as well as a world-class prototyping and manufacturing provider, will make its debut at the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show CES 2021 which will be held online from 11- 14 January. For the first time, Model Solution (https://www.model-solution.com/en/solutions/cmfdesign) will exhibit its new products equipped with Augmented Reality (AR), the key technology of the fourth industrial revolution. As a highlight, the Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display (AR HMD) prototype will be presented, which is an AR headset specifically designed for industrial use. The headset, named ‘MS-AR20’, focusses on its essential features to enhance user experience and functionality.

Next to the AR headset, Model Solution will also showcase its premium high-tech e-scooter prototype, which will be another highlight at this year’s CES. The e-scooter, which also uses AR technology, runs on 11 inch wide airless tyres that do not only give the scooter its unique look but also promote safe driving. The fingerprint recognition system and the integrated dashboard camera make the scooter the smartest of its kind. The e-scooter also comes in different colours and is foldable when standing up.

In addition to its new products, Model Solution will present its CMF lab as an online platform for the show. Serving as a space for industrial design trends and inspiration for product development, the CMF Lab was opened in February 2020 and is dedicated to the research and categorisation of the three key design elements “colour”, “material” and “finish” (CMF for short). The CMF lab collaborates with the British design studio ‘Chris Lefteri Design’, which has signed a memorandum of understanding with Model Solution in 2019 to provide consulting services concerning up-to-date megatrends in the industrial design field. During this year’s CES, visitors will be able to learn about the latest trends, insights and applications, including mood boards on current design and image trends as well as the latest design features.

“Model Solution has been leading technological innovation based on our design and engineering capabilities and leveraging businesses of best-in-class companies around the world,” says Byungil Woo, CEO of Model Solution. “We are glad to participate in the CES for the first time and to demonstrate our cutting-edge products at the first all-digital CES 2021, thereby hoping to contribute to the advancements of future technologies.”

CES is the world’s largest tech-event for consumer electronics — a definitive proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. In 2021, the event will go digital for the first time in history, bringing together exhibitors, customers, thought leaders and media from around the world via the Internet.

Model Solution has been a one-stop service provider for design, prototypes, quick-turn tooling, injection moulding and contract manufacturing since 1993. It was acquired by Hankook in 2018. Since then, Model Solution has strengthened the tyre maker’s competitiveness as an innovative company and consolidated the group’s growth strategy.