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Hankook Tire’s electric vehicle tyre, Kinergy AS ev, is honoured at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). The Kinergy AS ev combines advanced technology to create a hyper-low noise environment with improved driving performance and comfort. It is acknowledged for its innovative design.

Hankook Tire’s Kinergy AS ev, a tyre for electric vehicles was recognised in the automotive and transportation category at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2018.
In previous years, Hankook Tire has received numerous awards from IDEA for its futuristic concept tyres – bronze and winner in 2015, finalist in 2017 – but this is the first time that Hankook Tire has received an award for a mass production model.
The Kinergy AS ev is characterized besides others by its hyper-low noise environment optimised for electric vehicles. Its comfort, driving and handling performance are comparable to high performance passenger tyres. The Kinergy AS ev’s block design, modelled after electric circuits, and its customised electrical vehicle sidewall design provide an improved aerodynamic performance and the best driving environment in various conditions.
Several noise reducing technologies were applied. For example, Hankook Tire integrated a technology optimising the pitch arrangement to reduce a certain frequency that incurs when driving. An aramid hybrid reinforcement belt exclusive to electric vehicles was used to minimise tread block distortion when changing direction. This feature helps to maintain optimum grip force to provide exquisite handling performance and significantly improves handling stability.
With the recognition from the IDEA 2018, Hankook Tire has been acknowledged for its design philosophy and infinite potentials to lead the future driving environment. Hankook Tire will continue its journey to lead the future tyre industry, actively developing innovative designs.
Hosted by the Industrial Design Society of America, the IDEA 2018 is a world class design award and is deemed as one of the world’s top three design awards along with ‘iF DESIGN AWARD’ and ‘Red Dot Design Award’. Various elements including design innovation, user experience and benefit, corporate social responsibility, aesthetic are evaluated to select the best design.