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Hankook at Tire Cologne 2024

Premium tyre manufacturer Hankook will be presenting a product innovation at “The Tire Cologne” from 4 to 6 June 2024. Alongside the iON summer, winter and all-weather tyres, another addition to the iON family will be a highlight from the passenger car market, on Stand C040 D049 in Hall 8.1. For the first time Hankook will also be showcasing the new e-SMART City AU56 tyre for electric city buses. In addition to its own stand, Hankook will be represented as a co-exhibitor at the stand of “Allianz Zukunft Reifen” (AZuR) with its Alphatread hot retread brand for commercial vehicle tyres. The network is committed to the best possible recycling of used tyres, the protection of resources and the avoidance of waste. Hankook has been a partner in the AZuR network since 2023.

New summer tyre for electric vehicles from the iON series

At the The Tire Cologne exhibition Hankook will be presenting a new tyre from its iON series for electric vehicles. The iON GT is largely made from recycled and renewable materials and is designed for use on all-electric saloon cars, city cars and SUVs. The ISCC PLUS certification also confirms its sustainability claim. A passenger car version will be followed by one for SUVs.

e-SMART: Premiere of the first commercial vehicle tyre from the new EV tyre series

In conjunction with the development of environmentally compatible tyres for passenger vehicles, Hankook has also focussed on the requirements of the local and long-distance public transportation sector. At the exhibition the premium tyre manufacturer will premiere the e-SMART City AU56 commercial vehicle tyre that is specifically tailored to the needs of electric buses. The e-SMART City AU56 enables a higher tread wear durability range per battery charge than standard tyres, and safely transmits the high torque of electric vehicles to the road. In addition to this the tyre is optimised to give it a higher weight rating. For the development of the e-SMART City AU56, Hankook utilised the latest technologies including AI-assisted design, digital twin technology and 3D-printed tread moulds. The new commercial vehicle tyre is designed for regrooving and retreading, thereby making a significant contribution to reducing resource consumption.