Premium tyre maker Hankook equips the new Audi Q8 with its tyres ex works. Progressive design and pioneering technology characterise the Q family of the Ingolstadt-based car manufacturer. The Audi Q8 with its single frame radiator grille in octagonal design is based on the successful Audi Ur-Quattro. The new SUV Coupé offers plenty of space is luxurious and highly networked. High-tech navigation system, voice control, an agile chassis with Hankook tyres in dimensions from 20 to 22 inches and powerful engines make the Q8 a dynamic vehicle that is particularly suitable for everyday use.

Three Hankook tyre lines are used for the four-door SUV Coupé: the ultra-high performance summer and winter treads Ventus S1 evo 3 SUV and Winter i*cept evo 2 SUV respectively in 285/45 R21 113 Y XL and V XL and the Dynapro HP 2 Plus in the sizes 275/50 R20 113H X, 285/45 R21 113H XL and 285/40 R22 110H XL. Further dimensions will follow.

“We are very pleased that our products have again been selected for a new Audi model,” explains Han-Jun Kim, President of Hankook Tire Europe. “Even as a long-standing supplier to Audi, it is an honour to have been named original equipment supplier for the top-model of the Q-Series. In addition, we are proud that we will supply the full range of our treads for the Q8 to various markets”.

The Hankook tyres provide particular support for agile handling when driving dynamically: “The central requirement in the course of the development was the tyre design. Because of the generally higher vehicle loads with large SUVs and the resulting load index to be fulfilled in combination with the possible high speeds, the durability of the tyre design was of course particularly important. In addition, we paid special attention to the required vehicle attributes in both wet and dry conditions,” explains Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Krause, Head of the European Research and Development Center at Hankook.

The Ventus S1 evo 3 is by the way constructed with ‘bead packing’, a special nylon material in the side wall area, which increases the side wall strength. The two-layer carcass and the use of an aramid composite material reduce the unwanted growth of the unwinding circumference at high to very high speeds (over 300 kph) by up to 60 per cent compared to previously used fabrics. This gives the tyre significantly better driving stability and a longer service life due to less heat generation and thus remains at a consistently high level of grip even over a very wide temperature range. The sporty dynamic performance on both dry and wet roads is guaranteed by a special tread compound using high-performance natural resins.