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Hammerling Promotes Zeta Brand at The Tire Cologne 2022

Taking part in the Tire Cologne 2022 Show could not come soon enough for German based Hammerling, a leading European tyre distributor who promote an extensive portfolio of leading and private tyre brands including Zeta, manufactured by SD-International from China.

Yusuf Gorken – Head of Export at Hammerling says, “As a long standing international exhibitor we were very keen to take part in this event once more in Cologne and we very pleased at the huge amount of visitors we greeted onto our booth and were constantly busy with constructive meetings.

“Hammerling is a successful partner distributor with SD-International and prominently  displayed a range of the popular Zeta brand for the PCR, high performance and truck market sectors. As SD-International were not able to join us at the event due to Covid travel restrictions.

“The Zeta range has always been well received as a premium budget brand throughout Europe and offers a number of impressive features and benefits including high mileage return.”

At the same time Hammerling promote their own private TBR label – Athos which is manufactured in both Thailand and Vietnam. The Athos range provides a high mileage return and offers a premium casing suitable for retreading.

Hammerling has been trading as a tyre wholesaler for the past 40 years and looks set to continue its determined growth momentum in the future. With the long-term objective of becoming a worldwide operation in due course. For additional information on Zeta and Athos extensive product portfolios contact Yusuf on +49 (0)52 549979267 or email