Hamaton Reveal New ATEQ TPMS Tool and Own-Brand Version

Hamaton, a world-leading TPMS product manufacturer, has revealed details of two more TPMS tools coming in 2021 – ATEQ’s VT57 and its own-brand version, the H57. These tools possess advanced features that provide comprehensive TPMS and tyre management, says the company.

As the successor to the market-leading VT56, the VT57 boasts an enhanced user experience. ATEQ has combined its user-friendly navigation with a brand-new 4.3″ touch-sensitive display and improved graphics.

TPMS Management

ATEQ’s patented Sync-ID technology, found in both tools, has standardised OBD relearn procedures for 90% of vehicles with direct TPMS. Technicians need to learn just one process rather than hundreds, which is the case with the manual option, boosting productivity. Additionally, technicians can reset the ECU in under two minutes utilising the OBD relearn procedure and module (included).

The VT57 and H57 read and activate all OEM and aftermarket sensors. The VT57 can configure/program sensors from over 20 aftermarket brands, including Hamaton. The H57, on the other hand, is exclusively for Hamaton’s sensor range: The Hybrid NFC, 3.5 and 1.5. However, if necessary, H57 owners can upgrade their tool to unlock all popular aftermarket sensors*.

Tyre Management

Tyre management features allow users to record DOT codes, such as the date and place of manufacture and measure tread depth (with an accessory). The latter point is of particular importance because not only does it improve road safety, but it also presents workshops with an opportunity to upsell replacements.

Customer Management

The VT57 and H57 offer a large memory capacity for up to 65,000 service records. Therefore, technicians can check if an issue is reoccurring, then tailor the service accordingly.

Furthermore, Wi-Fi Updates have streamlined the updating process by eliminating the need for a PC/laptop. Frequent Live Sensor updates plus their wireless capability ensure the VT57 and H57 possess the latest coverage. The H57 includes a free five-year software subscription* and two-year warranty, which is longer than what comes with the VT57 by 24 and 12 months, respectively.

Both tools also provide vehicle-specific OBD port locations and onboard training in the form of quick start guides for four relearn procedures (OBD, auto, manual and indirect).

For more information or to pre-order the ATEQ VT57 or Hamaton H57, please email info@hamaton-tpms.com.

* The free 5-year software subscription will stop if you upgrade to All Aftermarket Sensors.