Hamaton NFC-Enabled Universal Sensor in Stock

Hamaton Ltd is pleased to announce the EU-Pro Hybrid NFC – the first NFC-enabled universal TPMS sensor – is available to order.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and in short, it enables short-range communication between two compatible devices. The rise in popularity of digital wallets (such as Google Pay) has led to NFC becoming a technology entwined in our daily lives. Current uses include making contactless payments, boarding public transport, and earning loyalty points with an Android mobile device.

In addition to traditional TPMS diagnostic tools, users can configure and program this sensor with an Android device and a free app available on Google Play.

The free app is the fastest way to configure large volumes consecutively – just 1 second per sensor – while keeping a precise tally. Additionally, NFCs short-rangestops interference between the device and other sensors on the shop floor. This technology is, therefore, perfect for companies looking to improve productivity without compromising accuracy.

Unlike TPMS tools, you do not need to update the app every time there is a software release. The vehicle coverage automatically updates when you open the app. But, for this to occur, you must switch on your mobile data or connect to Wi-Fi because the app pulls data from a live stream. Minor app updates (e.g., new features and bug fixes) will also be free to download on Google Play.

Additionally, the EU-Pro Hybrid NFC boasts the same great features as the EU-Pro Hybrid 3.5, including 99% vehicle coverage and programmable technology. Therefore, users can add new protocols when they become available, future-proofing stock.

Please contact Hamaton via info@hamaton-tpms.com for more information.