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Halfords Launches New Video Game for Tyre Safety Month

Halfords has launched a two-minute tyre safety video game to test drivers’ knowledge during Tyre Safety Month.

The game, 20,000 Miles in Two Minutes, has condensed a tyre’s 20,000-mile lifespan into two minutes – testing how drivers will react to and overcome road hazards as they make their way along a dual carriageway.

The hazards will cause tread depth, tyre pressure and bulging issues. If players keep their tyres at a safe legal level, they will successfully complete the game. If not, they risk being pulled over by the virtual police.

The aim of the game is to test drivers’ tyre knowledge; identifying gaps and filling them by teaching the legal tread depth and tyre pressure requirements drivers must meet to make UK roads safer.

Halfords have also built a reporting dashboard alongside the game which will record how users perform. It will provide insights into which tyre issues cause the most failures, how many people are pulled over by the virtual police, and allow for a conclusion on whether UK drivers truly understand tyre safety.

Karl Baker, Head of Halfords Mobile Expert says:  “Tyre maintenance can be easily overlooked by motorists, and roadworthy tyres are central to a car’s safety and performance. This is especially true during the winter months where driving conditions can be extremely difficult due to heavy rains and icy roads.

As Tyre Safety Month approaches, we want to educate motorists on their tyres, so they can travel safely this winter and the winters to come.”

Information on the player’s performance will be sent out as soon as we have gathered enough data to draw conclusions.

If customers spot a dangerous issue with their own car tyres after playing the game, they can get in touch with the Halfords Mobile Expert team to resolve their issue at home.