Grupo Soledad and KRAIBURG Austria Collaboration

INSA Turbo, the market leader of tyre retreading in Spain, belonging to the Soledad Group, and KRAIBURG Austria have signed a collaboration agreement regarding the utilisation of KRAIBURG retreading materials in their plant in Aspe (Alicante). The alliance includes a roadmap, defining the gradual implementation of Austrian technology in both hot and precure retreading process of truck tyres. These new product lines will coexist with Industrias del Neumático’s existing lines and enrich the Alicante plant’s portfolio. The tyres retreaded with KRAIBURG materials will be available in Grupo Soledad’s widely spread network of tyre centres and workshops for vehicle maintenance and repair operations. The Austrian company’s technicians are already working on the optimisation of the plant’s production processes, with a view to 2022, when INSA Turbo is expected to become a KRAIBURG-homologated plant for the manufacturing of its RECOM retreaded tyres for the Spanish market.

Joaquín Pérez, director of the Group’s industrial division, explained that, with this new cooperation agreement, “the Spanish market will be able to enjoy the full range of KRAIBURG products throughout the country, and our centres will have a wider range of high quality products to offer our customers greater benefits”. Stefan Mayrhofer, CEO of KRAIBURG Austria underlined that “the new cooperation is of high impor­tance as it allows both our companies to work on joint strategies for the development and distribution of our products and services. For us it opens a broad access to the Spanish market which only a strong partner can provide you”.

Both INSA Turbo’s and KRAIBURG’s activities coincide in the generation of materials for the automotive sector from the circular economy, the use of used materials and their recovery thanks to innovation and high technology processes. Both companies achieve high performance and quality products while minimising the generation of waste from the automotive sector.

INSA Turbo produces more than 50.000 retreaded tyres per year, which adapt to all types of vehicles, with the maximum guarantee and quality, contributing to the recy­cling and material recovery objectives required by European tyre directives. These tyres are distributed through Group Soledad’s network of nearly 1.000 partly own and franchise outlets in Spain and Portugal. KRAIBURG Austria is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of high quality retreading materials. Its products are developed according to the criteria of economic viability, safety and environmental friendliness for the benefit of the customers. No matter for which application KRAIBURG always delivers the right tread pattern with an optimized compound. More information about INSA Turbo from and RECOM from