Grantham Company Invests £500,000 in New Forklift Programme

Vaculug Ltd has announced a £500,000 investment in a new forklift programme and purchases 11 forklift trucks from Linde Material Handling.

Despite the pandemic, Vaculug has remained operational throughout government lockdowns and continues to make several investments in people and new plant. After operating for over 70 years, Vaculug have shown the industry how resilient they are and how they have remained committed to exceeding customers needs whilst focusing on creating a more sustainable business.

This investment in new forklift trucks, which are planned to arrive in early autumn, will further support the expansion of the business and assist Vaculug with their #SustainableThinking focus for this year by saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

A spokesperson for Vaculug commented, “This new investment shows our commitment to improving our equipment and operations whilst reducing our carbon emissions. Regularly improving the quality of our plant means that tasks can continue to be carried out to a high standard allowing us to deliver the best possible service to our customers.”