Goodyear is delighted to announce that the new UltraGrip Performance+ tyre has been ranked first in the coveted Auto Express Winter Tyre Test 2019.

The test of tyre size 225/45R17 reviewed ten different tyre brands, including Continental and Michelin, and was conducted at Nokian’s test facilities in Finland and Germany. The extensive test covered all major tyre test disciplines, including snow braking, traction, handling and circle, dry and wet handling, dry and wet braking, aquaplaning, rolling resistance, noise and comfort.

The winning tyre, the Goodyear UltraGrip Performance+, is the latest addition to the Goodyear winter line-up, promising to offer improved wet, dry and winter performance for high-performance cars. The tyre did just that in the latest Auto Express test, showing fantastic results in snow and wet tests as well as excelling in cabin noise.

Kim Adams, tyre tester for Auto Express, commented on the tyre’s impressive performance in snowy conditions:The (UltraGrip) Performance+ dominated our snow tests with an almost two percent advantage over the next best… with a strong front grip and a rear that follows rather than slides through turns. Traction on lock was also impressive in an area where many rivals struggle.”

Adams went on to say that “It also wins in the key wet handling and braking assessments. That solid rear is present again on the wet circuit, where it triggered the stability control less frequently than many rivals, despite impressive front grip. You could also get on the power early without the front washing wide as we did on other brands.”

Cabin noise was also an area where the tyre excelled, with Kim Adams stating that, “This is the best option if you prioritise quiet running, because it wins the cabin noise test.”

Mike Rytokoski, Chief Marketing Officer Europe at Goodyear said, We are thrilled with the results of the test, Goodyear has always excelled in producing winter tyres with outstanding performance and industry leading technologies. This win reinforces that we have an ideal product for consumers in inclement weather when they need it most. Having the UltraGrip Performance+ endorsed by Auto Express is testament to the work of our R&D teams.”