12th September 2018 – Goodyear, one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers, will be showcasing a selection of its “retreadable” TreadMax and NextTread products at this year’s RWM, the UK’s largest recycling and waste management exhibition & conference at the NEC from the 12th-13th September.

Specifically designed for commercial vehicles, Goodyear’s Retreading Solutions help fleets and dealers to extend the life of their tyres, giving them the option to continue using a tyre instead of replacing it for a brand new one.

Maximising the life of the tyre in this way means that fewer raw materials and natural resources are used to manufacture new truck tyres, and that there are fewer used tyre casings to be disposed of after their tread has worn down to levels that are below the limit for legal road-use. Retreading also lowers the amount of energy consumed in the manufacturing process, with the production of a retread tyre reducing greenhouse gas emissions by a-third and using two-thirds less oil than the production of a new truck tyre.

The retreading process also offers a more economical way for commercial fleets to equip their vehicles with premium tyres. Retreaded products have been found to deliver performance levels comparable to new tyres, but at a lower cost. Depending on the application type, tyre usage and casing quality, some tyres may even be suitable for more than one retread, extending their lifespan further still.

Hannah Jones, Head of Procurement at Abbey Logistics, which currently uses Goodyear’s retreadable tyres, commented:“Goodyear provides tyres for 330 of our trucks and 500 of our tanker trailers. With such a large fleet, the cost savings that come with being able to extend the life of our tyres, as opposed to replacing them entirely, is really valuable. Likewise, with the sheer quantity of tyres that we need in order to fully equip our fleet, it’s reassuring to know that we can use products which have a reduced environmental impact.”

David Howe, General Manager – Commercial at Goodyear Tyres, commented: With both environmental and economic benefits on offer, we would encourage all commercial fleet managers to consider whether a retreadable tyre would be suitable for their fleet. A brand new tyre isn’t required every time, and so we’re proud to be able to offer this product as part of a complete package for our commercial partners.”

All of Goodyear’s retreaded products are produced in-house and developed by the same engineering teams as the company’s new tyres. This means that exactly the same stringent quality requirements apply to retreaded tyres.

Goodyear will be showcasing the following products on stand 5Q08 at RWM:

·         315/80R22.5 Next Tread Goodyear Utility

·         295/80R22.5 GY MSS II

·         385/65R22.5 Tread Max MST II

·         315/70R22.5 Tread Max MSD II

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