Goodyear Named LMGT3 Category’s Exclusive Tyre Supplier in WEC and ELMS from 2024

Goodyear has been selected to become the exclusive tyre supplier to the LMGT3 category in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) in a three-year deal beginning in 2024.

The appointment comes as a result of the tender launched by the FIA and the ACO last December and was approved by members of the FIA World Motor Sport Council via electronic vote.

The new highly-anticipated class is set to replace WEC’s current LMGTE Am and ELMS’ LMGTE categories next year. The field will include some of the most recognisable and desirable sports car brands on the planet, so it is bound to become a fan favourite, particularly at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. From a technical perspective, the combination of front, mid and rear-engined cars will create close racing and an interesting development challenge for Goodyear.

Goodyear will develop brand new tyres for the category, using its wealth of experience in international GT3 and GTE categories. In endurance racing, Goodyear is currently the exclusive supplier to the LMP2 category in WEC and both LMP2 and LMGTE in ELMS. The addition of LMGT3 to Goodyear’s portfolio strengthens its position within international motorsport.

Development is already underway, with several tests planned throughout 2023 in Europe and North America. Goodyear will use a variety of circuits to develop and evaluate the tyre before it enters competition, with a focus on some of the most demanding tracks for tyres. Several GT3 manufacturers will be involved in the testing process.

Like other endurance projects, tyre longevity will be a key focus. As a minimum, Goodyear aims to achieve double stints at all Grand Prix circuits and triple stints at Le Mans. Further details about the tyre development will be revealed in due course.

Ben Crawley, Director of Motorsport EMEA, Goodyear: “We’re excited to begin a new era with LMGT3 in WEC. The news is a testament to Goodyear’s commitment to its long-term racing program, and everyone in the team looks forward to an exciting 2024 season and beyond.

“The new category poses a fascinating technical challenge. There are a wide variety of cars in the category, and the new tyre needs to meet the demands of them all. During the testing process we will work directly with some of the leading GT3 manufacturers, which will produce different challenges due to their varying engine configuration and setup philosophies. We are developing the new tyre by combining new technologies with our experience and expertise gained in other championships worldwide.”