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Goodyear Launches GP-3E for Wheel Loaders, Articulated Dump Trucks and Graders

Goodyear has introduced GP-3E, a tyre designed for wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks and graders. Typically, such machines are used on major infrastructure projects that have tough cost and timescale targets. As a result of researching operators’ needs, Goodyear has increased the operational versatility of its latest tyre generation, the advanced GP-3E makes the tyre choice easy for the operator. 

 Maximising efficiency without compromising traction and performance  

Goodyear has vast experience in servicing vehicles in the L3 (loader and bulldozer), E3 (earthmover) and G3 (grader) segments. While there are significant differences between the machinery, the tyre demands are similar.  

Maximising margin in a competitive sector is important for operators. Goodyear has brought innovations that reduce operator costs, while enhancing performance. For example, the GP-3E features Goodyear’s specially formulated Type 6 compound which has advanced abrasion resistance, reducing operators’ tyre costs. 

Goodyear has reduced the weight of the GP-3E compared to its predecessors, boosting efficiency. The lower weight does not come at the expense of strength and durability, as the GP-3E features a new multiple steel belt carcass construction that has enhanced cut and tread wear resistance. This construction has been proven to optimise tread wear, helping achieve Goodyear’s goals of maximising efficiency and sustainability without compromising performance. 

 Traction or flotation? GP-3E delivers both.  

Another area where Goodyear tackled the challenge of seemingly conflicting priorities during operations was in the areas of traction and flotation. From a tyre engineering perspective, traction delivers grip for forward motion, but needs to be balanced with flotation, which helps the machine keep on top of the surface without creating damage or becoming bogged down. 

The GP-3E tread pattern achieves high levels of traction with additional biting edges, dual centreline lugs and an increased lug count. At the same time, the tread is designed to support a high level of flotation by distributing weight evenly. 

Another benefit of this enhanced tread pattern, combined with the new construction, is improved levels of operator comfort. GP-3E has been designed to reduce vibration levels, particularly on hard surfaces. This is predominantly important for operator welfare on long shifts in challenging climates.  

Goodyear’s Electric Drive Ready philosophy means the company’s latest tyres are fit for use on electric, hybrid and conventional diesel machines. This reduces operator stocking requirements as the same tyre can be used, whatever the motive power.  

Octavian Velcan – Managing Director Goodyear OTR and Aviation EMEA for Goodyear – “Goodyear has listened to the needs of operators in this demanding sector. Reducing cost and maximising uptime are industry priorities. By introducing one versatile, efficient and durable range fitting the operational demands of a wider range of machines we are simplifying the choice, maximising efficiency and bringing innovations that enhance tyre versatility. The innovative lightweight design of the new GP-3E supports an optimized cost per hour which drives efficiency and promotes sustainability. But it also means low-vibration comfort for the drivers.”