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As part of its support of Tyre Safety Month, Goodyear is launching a range of tyre education videos to help consumers understand the black art of tyres.

The videos, which are endorsed and created by leading consumer information website Tyre Reviews, cover topics such as tyre pressure, differences between Summer, Winter and All Season tyres, OE markings and Tyre Label grades.

Working together with Tyre Reviews, Goodyear has been able to utilise the knowledge of the site and answer questions which are frequently asked ensuring that the content is useful and relevant to consumers researching tyres.

Goodyear will be posting the videos on its popular social media platforms as well as hosting the information on its website to act as evergreen content to help consumers understand the intricacies of a tyre.

Tony Ward, Goodyear Marketing Manager commented: “We chose to work with Tyre Reviews as we recognise the site as an influential player in the tyre purchase decision making process. Consumers ask Tyre Reviews similar questions and by providing content which responds to those questions we will help consumers make an informed choice when buying a tyre or give them the ability to maintain their tyres more effectively.

“As this month is Tyre Safety Month, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to launch the suite of videos and to raise awareness of the importance of not only maintaining tyres effectively but also choosing the right tyre for the job.”

Jonathan Benson, Tyre Reviews added: “Goodyear have always been one of the most forward-thinking tyre manufacturers regarding online activation, it was a pleasure to work with them once again to support tyre safety month. When it comes to tyre awareness, the UK lags behind Europe in many ways, so activity like this is hugely positive.”