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When it was announced on Thursday 18th January that Mike Scanlon – Retired Publisher and Editor of Tyre Trade News – had passed away it signaled the end of an era for the UK and European tyre industry which he has served with journalistic skill and passion for over a quarter of a century.

On a personal note, Mike’s departure to ‘the great tyre warehouse in the sky’ concludes a very enjoyable and successful business relationship and friendship for me and leaves a void that will be hard to fill.

I met Mike in 1994 not long after I commenced my career as a tyre, wheel and automotive journalist for Tyres & Accessories and we both were part of the international media pack covering new tyre launches around Europe. At this time I had a lot to learn about the industry but Mike took it upon himself to help and guide me through those early days which is something I have always appreciated and will never forget.

In 2000 I joined Tyre Trade News to work alongside Mike on the magazine until 2004 when I left to launch Sapphire Media having seen a gap in the market for a Business Media Consultancy and right from the start of my new venture he was always just a phone call away if I needed and help or advice.

In fact over the past fourteen years I have always remained close to Mike and the Tyre Trade News team, sometimes covering events on the behalf of the magazine, and I have no hesitation in stating that Mike has been a major influence and mentor regarding the growing international success of my company.

Sadly Mike has been in deteriorating ill health for some time now and retired as Publisher and Managing Editor of the magazine in 2016 and for this reason unfortunately I have not seen him during his final few months. However I have so many great memories of working with him on stories and projects over the years to compensate for the end of our partnership.

Like many other tyre professionals before him. In my opinion Mike was a legend for the UK and European tyre market and his memory will always be with me/

John Stone – Sapphire Media