Giti’s Lifestyle Video Series Showcases the Human Side of Driving and Life

During recent months, Giti Tire has introduced a series of three lifestyle videos, which follow people through very different environments and needs. Although each story is different, they link the subjects’ paths together with the theme of ‘Enjoy Driving’. Of particular note is the newest video, ‘The Power of Passion’, which brings truck and bus driving to the forefront in a special way by connecting it to a gym environment. It also features a female protagonist, which is rare but appropriate – given that the trend in recent years has demonstrated more women becoming truck drivers.
The tyre is the only part of vehicle that touches the ground and carries the whole load, but people rarely pay attention on it. So in order to educate drivers in selecting the correct tyre by understanding their pattern design and its performance, Giti Tire created this series of fun but ‘education-full’ lifestyle videos. Each video is unique in that don’t focus on tyres themselves, but rather the lives and personalities of people, and how Giti fits into their lifestyle. Giti is also a brand that has a young feeling with deep roots in R&D capability. This allows Giti to be ready to solve any needs of driving conditions and be willing to help people developing a better life.
“At Giti, we believe that safety and driver satisfaction is everything, and as part of that we ensure our tyres include silent driving, fuel savings, endurance, sharp braking, and precise handling. By offering these solutions and communicating through unique and relatable methods such as these lifestyle videos, we encourage all of the public to Enjoy Driving,” explained Elson Tsai, Head of International Marketing at Giti Tire.
Lifestyle Video #1: The Journey Together
Giti’s first lifestyle video follows a group of friends together, facing challenging terrains and obstacles along the way. This story shows how their bond (and grip) gets them through together
Lifestyle Video #2: The Steady Ride
In the second story, a driver is tasked to help the CEO on a business mission, but encounters problems when the ride is anything but smooth. In a short time, he needs to find a way to fix the situation.
Lifestyle Video #3: The Power of Passion
For the third lifestyle story, a truck driver brings her passion for driving and health to a very memorable gym visit. By connecting her driving experience with the exercise tasks, a number of fun moments and surprises come up along the way.
All of these videos can be accessed in Giti’s Video Gallery at In addition, videos are frequently updated and shared on Giti’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.