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Giti Tire Welcomed Business Partners at Tire Cologne 2022

Giti Tire has hailed The Tire Cologne 2022 ‘a very productive event’, with the opportunity to get its European operation and business partners together after an enforced wait ‘a platform for future success’.

An open stand showcased all the latest Giti and GT Radial passenger car and SUV tyres, as well as three new Giti truck and bus tyres including the Giti GSR237 Combi Road, Giti GSR236 Combi Road and Giti GDL617 Eco Road, full details of which will be released in due course.

Visitors were also able to enjoy a virtual company presentation with VR glasses and an interactive driving simulator, as well as the opportunity to get close-up with Giti Tire Motorsport by WS Racing’s Norma M30 LMP3 car and Benjamin Boulbes new finely-tuned BMW 1 Series e82 drift machine.

On the Tuesday evening customers from all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East were welcomed at a high-end restaurant on the banks of the River Rhine to thank them for their ongoing and united support.

Chris Bloor, International Sales and Marketing Director for Giti Tire, said: “After a four year vacuum we were absloutely delighted to reengage with our customers at The Tire Cologne, both at the show itself and at our exclusive dinner.

“Our revised product line-up has been well accepted and staff and partners have gone back to their territories with renewed vigour. There may be lots of global uncertainties at the moment, but the one thing we are certain of is that the strength of our partnerships is a platform for future success.”

Petr Cajka, Head of TBR Sales EU at Giti Tire, added: “From the start of day one to the end of day three we welcomed our partners from around Europe, some of whom we have been in business with for over 30 years, and enjoyed catching up both personally and professionally.

“It was the perfect opportunity to showcase our new Giti and GT Radial tyres with our R&D colleagues who were involved in their creation, as well as three new Giti truck tyres which clearly demonstrate our movement to a more sustainable offering. All-in-all a very productive event.”