Michelin has received the coveted German Innovation Award from the German Design Council for its Long Lasting Performance Strategy.

The award, in the Transportation category, is in recognition of Michelin’s clear stance against the principle of programmed obsolescence – the intentional reduction of product lifespan to the detriment of the climate, resources and consumer budgets.

Independent studies indicate that drivers in Europe would overspend to the tune of almost seven billion euros per year by changing their tyres at 3mm tread depth rather than the minimum permitted tread depth of 1.6mm. This premature changing would pollute the climate with six million tonnes of CO2every year. Michelin’s response to this is premium tyres that offer a consistently high level of performance and safety throughout their entire lifespan from first use to the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimetres.

Anish K. Taneja, president of Michelin Europe North, underlines the added value for consumers and the environment: “We at Michelin are particularly proud of the award because it recognises our sustainable Long Lasting Performance strategy and thus the interests of our customers and the environment. The award encourages us to continue to pursue our sustainable, customer-oriented approach resolutely.”

Whatever you drive or ride – do it safely for the entire lifespan of your tyres

One key element of the MICHELIN Long Lasting Performance Strategy is the so-called EverGripTMtechnology used in products such as the new MICHELIN Alpin 6 winter tyre. The innovative combination of a new type of multilayer rubber compound and a self-renewing profile delivers exceptional acceleration and braking characteristics as well as excellent traction on snow, even with little tread remaining.

The multi-award-winning CrossClimate+, meanwhile, features a unique tread pattern and compounds which increase tyre life and ensure exceptional performance down to 1.6mm.

The global manufacturer is also applying the MICHELIN Long Lasting Performance Strategy to truck tyres. One example is the REGENION technology in the new MICHELIN X®MULTI™ ENERGY™ D for commercial vehicles in long- and short-distance traffic. It incorporates laminations that open up as the tyre wears, thus facilitating a high level of grip all the way down to the tread limits.

The MICHELIN Long Lasting Performance strategy is also incorporated into motorcycle tyres. The new MICHELIN Road 5, for example, stops in the wet as quickly with 5,000 kilometres on the clock as its predecessor does when brand new2. This exceptional performance is based on revolutionary sipe developments and the latest generation of silica-reinforced rubber compounds. With increasing mileage, the evolutionary sipes widen, ensuring excellent water expulsion over the entire lifecycle of the tyre.