Galaxy Garden Pro: Iconic Tyres For Lawn And Turf Extend Its Range

Being the global market leader in lawn and turf application, the Galaxy Garden Pro mixed-service radial tyres is now available in five new sizes, fully covering the segment of smaller and medium utility tractors in special crops, orchards, vineyards, gardens and landscaping. Thanks to the proven R3+ design, the much deeper tread ensures reliable traction. At the same time, soil compaction and crop or plant damage are avoided to the greatest possible extent. The solid-to- void-ratio of 49:51 allows for excellent self-cleaning characteristics. Thanks to its long service life and favourable price, this true multi-purpose radial tyre comes with very low overall cost of ownership.

Five new sizes

With the new sizes 480/70R30, 380/70R20, 260/70R18, 480/70R28 and 340/85R28, altogether 23 sizes – for rim sizes ranging from 12 to 30 – are available. The Galaxy Garden Pro covers front and rear axles of the entire segment of small and medium utility and narrow-track tractors. In conjunction with the unique tread design and depth, this R3+ tire delivers significantly better traction than R3 tyres whilst minimising impacts on soil and crops. This “gentleness” is further supported by the rounded, open shoulder of the Garden Pro.

The ideal footprint of this tyre results from the large number of lugs, a steep centre line angle and the smooth open channel. In sum, these properties ensure efficient and reliable grip, excellent self- cleaning characteristics and a long, reliable service life.

Made for a wide variety of applications

Thanks to its grip, soil and crop protection, comfortable ride, reliable self-cleaning and length of service life, the Galaxy Garden Pro is a true “professional”. Possible applications go beyond the work on grassland, in orchards or vineyards: This tyre is also designed for use on hard surfaces such as arterial roads, for moving from one site to another, and for transporting harvested produce or material – ensuring perfect versatility.

“The iconic Galaxy Garden Pro tires come in at a price point that delivers low total cost of ownership throughout the tire’s life. Its unique tread is designed to provide maximum versatility and can replace R1, R3 or R4 tires in most applications. We are happy to offer a comprehensive best-in-class solution for the special crop, grassland and gardening segment”, says Angelo Noronha, President EMEA at Alliance Tire Group.