Galaxy Yardmaster Radial

The Galaxy Yardmaster Radial is a valuable addition to Galaxy’s extensive range of forklift tyres. This is an all steel radial tyre for forklift machines used for heavy duty long cycle operations. This tyre is now available in three sizes, including two new sizes: 12.00R20 and 12.00R24, and previously available size 10.00R20.

Galaxy Yardmaster Radial is specially designed for heavy tonnage forklifts, that perform longer cycle of operations on demanding surfaces at higher speeds. The tyre’s radial construction provides enhanced agility, riding comfort and fuel efficiency while the tread design is optimised to provide superior stability and precision while performing operations. A special cut, chip and abrasion resistant compound guarantees smooth running even on hard port surfaces.

Harsh mining terrain, heavy loads and extreme environments

Within a very short time after its global market launch, the Galaxy HTSR 400 (Haul Truck Steel Radial 400) E-4/L-4 has proven to be an ideal tyre pattern for transport logistics in harsh and demanding conditions, like mines or quarries. HTSR 400 is specially built for dump trucks that face extreme environments while hauling heavy loads. With immediate effect, Galaxy HTSR 400 E4/L4 is now offered in three additional sizes, including 23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25. These sizes were designed specifically for construction and waste management application after an extensive test phase.

Galaxy HTSR 400 features a high tread depth which ensures consistent traction and greater cut resistance making it a more productive choice. The presence of a special compound ensures minimum heat build-up while performing longer runs. Superior cut & chip protection with optimised belt design provides excellent durability resulting in reduced downtime.