29 designs have now been tested according to 3PMSF


The quality of patterns from KRAIBURG Austria is absolutely convincing. Another nine designs from the retreading specialist have successfully passed the 3PMSF test and are therefore approved as winter retreads as of now: K16, K26, K43, K45, K50, K51, K203, K204 and the K213.

The tests were conducted by the Prüflabor Nord in January and February. And a total of 29 KRAIBURG patterns can be labelled with the 3PMSF pictogram. Re­treading partners therefore have a suitable design at their disposal for every use and application. Two of the top sellers in the range are the patterns K701 and K801. The home-grown K701 traction design is a hea­vily siped block-type retread with open shoulders. It ensures optimum transfer of traction forces in winter use. Not only does the K801 design convince by looking good, but its wings also provide resistance against lateral shearing forces. Designed for trailers, semi-trailers and tag axles, it exhibits a high performance in local and long distance traffic.

“The test results prove again and again that our patterns are convincing in every aspect,” Christoph Priewasser, Product Manager at KRAIBURG Austria says. “We are therefore confident that we will receive the 3PMSF certifi­cate for new KRAIBURG designs in the future.”

Further information about KRAIBURG Austria and an overview of all patterns which have the 3PMSF certificate can be found under www.kraiburg-austria.com.