Fulda Introduces New 3PMSF Trailer Range REGIOTONN 3

Fulda is launching the REGIOTONN 3, a new trailer tyre providing high mileage, good all-weather performance, durability and fuel efficiency. The range is fitted for a wide range of applications from long and regional haul to severe on-road service and urban traffic. It has been designed to address the needs of transport companies and private drivers looking for very good value for money in the mid-tier segment.

In the last couple of years, more and more European countries require Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) marked tyres, including for trailer axles. The new Fulda product features the M+S and 3PMSF symbol on its sidewall and offers optimal performance in all kind of weather conditions for haulers operating throughout Europe.

 Key features and benefits of the new Fulda REGIOTONN 3 trailer tyre

  • robust casing construction offering good retreadability and high mileage potential
  • optimised 5-rib or 6-rib (435/50R19.5 and 385/55R22.5) to offer damage and wear resistance, and long service life under severe conditions
  • deep sipes creating additional biting edges to interlock with the road surface, offering short braking distances and improved wet grip throughout tyre service life
  • chemical formulation and polymer network of the tread compound ensure good rolling resistance, combined with high resistance against treadwear and lateral scrubbing

For further information please visit www.fulda.com.