Franco Annunziato Confirmed as President of ETRMA

The Board of Directors of the European Tyre and Rubber Manufactures’ Association gave a strong signal of commitment and continuity to face the actual macro economic scenario, via the confirmation of the presidency to Mr Franco Annunziato, Bridgestone Vice president and Senior Advisor.

In the same meeting, Mr Joan Vicenç Durán, from Consorcio Nacional de Industriales del Caucho, was elected Vice President. Both functions are effective as of 1st January 2021 for a three-year mandate.

The Board emphasised the need for the rubber industry to work with policy makers at all levels and with the appropriate sense of urgency to identify the most suitable measures to ensure the safeguard of jobs, manufacturing and innovation through an enhanced focus on its green and digital footprint.

Mr Annunziato, on accepting the prolongation of his presidency thanked the Board for their trust and clearly stated the intentions of the Association: “When I started my mandate three years ago the global context was significantly different. We are now living in unprecedented times and still struggling to fence the impacts of a lingering crisis that has unclear horizons. The tyre industry believes it can bring a significant contribution to the policy objectives of the European economy geared to creating a safer, decarbonised and more digital mobility in Europe.

In underlying the commitment of the Association, Ms Cinaralp ETRMA’s Secretary General summed it up saying that: “This election comes at a very specific and decisive social-economic time, where our industry and our society are asking for a strong commitment to contribute to the post Covid-19 recovery plan. The tyre and rubber industry has a relevant role to play and I welcome the opportunity to assure continuity in the key actions we are bringing forward. Our capacity to greening mobility, to improve the circular economy and to unlock new markets for services, leveraging on the tyre as a service regulatory framework, is untapped”.