FlexFuel Energy Development UK (FFEDUK), the UK’s leading hydrogen engine cleaning company, has signed a partner agreement with Point S whereby its hydrogen engine cleaning solution, Hy-Carbon, will be made available to its members initially throughout the United Kingdom, and with a view to a forthcoming global agreement.

Point S UK are part of the worlds largest Independent Tyre & Autocare Group with over 1800 members (133 in the UK) and 4100 Points of Sale (including 230 in the UK) in 36 countries. Point S, researches the aftermarket sector for products and services that can offer its members incremental revenue generating opportunities , whilst ensuring consumers can benefit from the latest advances in automotive solutions. By making FlexFuel’s Hy-Carbon solution available to its network, Point S is enabling its members to stay abreast of the latest advances in engine cleaning technology.

FFED’s HY-Carbon solution – a hydrogen decarbonising process – reduces engine emissions and fuel consumption and increases engine performance. By injecting hydrogen into the intake manifold, carbon deposits are eliminated from key engine components responsible for performance and emissions – the admission valves, the EGR valve, the turbo and the particle filter. Independent engine tests post cleaning show up to 50% less emissions; the return of engine power and reduced fuel consumption.

In signing an agreement with FlexFuel UK, Andy Tester, Business Development Manager for Point S UK, commented “ Point S UK are continuously striving to provide a variety of products and services to our members and the chance to partner with FlexFuel felt like a very a good opportunity for us as a group and our members.

The FlexFuel product range provides our members with a great source of additional revenue and service differentiation for their customers. The technology requires very little training, no additional man power and a very profitable alternative to chemical cleaning solutions that are currently available. Existing FFED customers are seeing a positive difference in their monthly turnover figures since offering the cleaning service to customers and the feedback from drivers has been very favourable to date.”

Karl Grogan, UK Operations Manager FFED-UK commented: “We have very aggressive growth plans in the UK and Point S represents an excellent opportunity to help us realise our growth potential for this financial year. Our team has been working non stop to take our Hy-Carbon solution out to the UK’s independent aftermarket sector, it remains our core focus. Like Point S, we are committed to ensuring the sector can remain competitive and profitable and with Point S, we can take Hy-Carbon much more broadly across the UK and garages and consumers alike will quickly see the benefit the solution can offer. For garages, it is the most profitable product available today.”