The e-jobsheet integration into Bridgestone Europe’s FleetBridge system has been put ‘live’ this week.

This will enable the open-access, digital tablet-based service work exchange platform for truck, bus, van, and now also car, to deliver greater shared accuracy between e-jobsheet dealer subscribers and Bridgestone Europe.

Jobsheet data will be passed directly through to FleetBridge including a copy of the job card and any photos provided when work is conducted by a dealer on a Bridgestone fleet vehicle.

Inspection data will also be transmitted automatically to Bridgestone.

The direct connection between e-jobsheet and FleetBridge will save keying in time and administrative costs. This framework enables all commercial transactions to be completed in both company systems from the data received within seconds of job completion from a fitter’s tablet.

Sion Rathkey, Solution Business Back Office manager, Bridgestone North Europe, says“The integration of e-jobsheet into FleetBridge works very well and is the result of excellent development work and collaboration between CAM and Bridgestone. The integration to Bridgestone’s new fleet management software meets the standards set out by the Bridgestone Dealer Partner requirements to be ‘Easy to Do Business With’ and provides immediate operational information to the fleets as well as to Bridgestone. Integration with new technology is at the core of Bridgestone’s industry leading fleet approach.” …/

Steve Daly of CAM International comments, “It’s testament to the long-standing partnership between our two organisations that the e-jobsheet integration into FleetBridge has been implemented ahead of plan.”