Fleet Operators Benefit As MTS Solve Pick-Up Truck Pattern Issue

Micheldever Tyre Services (MTS) is riding to the rescue of UK fleet and utilities operators after getting to grips with a pattern problem specific to pick-up trucks used in the sector.

Following research conducted by MTS in the past 18 months, it has become increasingly evident that the road orientated tyres fitted as OEM equipment on pick-up trucks are not always suited for multiple terrain use.

With a recent boom in the supply of pick-up trucks into the fleet and utility sector, it has become an increasing issue for operators looking for all-terrain tyres that best suit their business needs.

Those operators and drivers requiring alternative patterns to handle the varied requirements of service for their vehicles, have been able to tap into MTS’s expertise in the 4×4 sector to provide a solution for their businesses.

Dave Dineen Head of 4×4 sales & technical for Micheldever group said: “The majority of pick-up truck vehicles come on road orientated tyres as original equipment for a number of reasons, including keeping in line with WLTP legislation requirements.

“This is fine if the vehicles are staying on the road. However more often than not, they are not suitable for the conditions of use and an all-terrain or mud-terrain tyre would be a better option.

“Our specialist team at Micheldever can help any fleet or utility company choose the correct tyre for the application and supply a solution for the original tyre coming off.

“We have been doing this on an increasing scale with a wide variety of fleet and utility businesses in the past year. In 2020, we expect to work with even more operators to provide the solution to what is becoming a major issue within the sector.”

Supplying the correct tyre can save money in so many areas including performance, longevity and of course reliability.

From a fleet and lease company point of view, having the ability to offer a solution to the companies needs can also open the doors to winning contracts by supplying what they need.

Micheldever carries a full range of car van & 4X4 products for summer, all-season and winter tyre applications, a market-leading one-stop tyre provider of specialist products for any size fleet in any sector, (utility, military, government contract, emergency services).

For further details please contact Dave Dineen directly on dave.dineen@southamtyres.co.uk