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First Test Win for the Continental SportContact 7

Continental takes the win, as the SportContact 7 received first place in the Tyre Reviews 2022 Ultra High-Performance test, the tyre’s first ever test win.

When compared to the previous model, the new SportContact 7 features many improvements, including a reduction in wet braking distances by eight percent and six percent better in dry braking. Overall, handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions have benefitted from the latest advancements, which is evidenced in the tyre test, where the SportContact 7 placed first in these areas by a considerable margin.

The test was performed in a Toyota Supra in the UUHP (ultra-high performance tyre segment) sizes: 255/35 R19 (front), and 275/35 R19 (rear).

Jonathan Benson of Tyre Reviews said, “The just released Continental SportContact 7 sets a new benchmark in the wet, finishing both tests with an impressive gap to the next best tyre. With such an advantage in the wet, the new Continental SportContact 7 is a deserving test winner, and with it, a new standard for the UUHP segment.”

The new SportContact 7 is the latest generation of the very tried-and-tested, popular, sporty, summer tyre, the SportContact 6. With the new SportContact generation, Continental offers drivers a high performance, very safe, handling-oriented, high-mileage tyre. During development, Continental focused on improving all performance criteria to combine maximum driving pleasure with maximum safety and sustainability in the field of UUHP tyres.

Peter Robb, Marketing Director at Continental said; “What a win for the SportContact 7! With the success of its predecessor, this result is evidence of Continental’s commitment to producing class leading high performance tyres. We are thrilled with the win, especially as it is the first tyre test for the new tyre.”

The SportContact 7 is suitable for sporty vehicles and is available in sizes from 19 to 23 inches.

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