Faster Wheel Vibration Diagnostic Solution for BMW Dealers

BMW dealers across the UK will now be able to diagnose and solve customers’ wheel vibration issues faster than ever before following the approval by BMW AG for the use of the Hunter RoadForce Elite (RFE) diagnostic wheel balancer in its workshops around the globe.

The innovative system takes wheel balancing to a completely new level, allowing dealers to solve even the most challenging of wheel vibration issues and ensuring BMW owners continue to enjoy the ultimate driving experience.

“We are delighted that BMW has become that latest premium vehicle manufacturer to approve the Hunter RoadForce Elite diagnostic balancer for use in its dealerships around the world,” comments Clive Seabrook, CEO, Pro-Align, the exclusive UK distributor of Hunter workshop equipment. “The intelligent system helps dealers provide drivers with improved ride comfort, but equally importantly, it’s incredibly easy to use, faster than a traditional wheel balancer and with the addition of SmartWeight, even helps dealers reduce their use of balance weights to a minimum. It really is a win-win situation for BMW dealers and drivers alike.”

Hunter’s RoadForce balancing solution is an important tool in maintaining OEM quality ride comfort levels, especially at a time when potholes and poor road surfaces look set to cause a significant number of wheel vibration issues.

In many cases, traditional wheel balancers cannot solve the most challenging of wheel vibration issues, meaning multiple trips to dealerships, wasted time and high levels of dissatisfaction. However, the RFE can provide a fast, first-time fix to these issues.

The RFE differs from standard balancers as it measures tyre forces, known as Road Force Variation (RFV) and Lateral Force (LF) to conduct a full diagnostic of the wheel and tyre assembly. It achieves this by scanning the wheel rim and applying a load roller to take the wheel and tyre assembly on a simulated road test.

Once RFV is identified, the balancer provides a ‘ForceMatching’ recommendation which matches the tyre’s stiff spot with the wheel rim low spot, minimising any vibrations to give a smoother ride. Using the RFE’s StraightTrak feature, the system even advises of the best position on the vehicle to ensure a straighter drive.

Furthermore, the new ‘vision’ rim scan technology, which is only available on the RFE, means balance weights can be placed more effectively for a more accurate and aesthetically pleasing solution.

The latest RFE, supersedes the popular and previously approved RoadForce Touch diagnostic balancer, slashing balance and repair times by a further 35% to less than two minutes per assembly.

“BMW cars enjoy an enviable reputation for premium quality and premium levels of ride comfort. The RoadForce Elite is a premium system of a similar ilk, and therefore the perfect addition to both BMW workshops and any others looking to provide their customers with the very best levels of service, care and attention,” concludes Seabrook.

Dealerships interested in finding out more about the BMW-approved Hunter RoadForce Elite diagnostic balancer can visit call 01327 323007 to arrange a demonstration.