From the start of this year’s winter season, Falken Tyre will have an increased size range available of its EUROWINTER HS01 tyre offering, along with its recently-released EUROWINTER HS01 SUV tyre.

The latest generation of Falken’s EUROWINTER product line, the HS01 is now available in 84 sizes, spanning 13-20 inches, series 35-70 and speed index T, H and V. Meanwhile, the EUROWINTER HS01 SUV that launched in September 2017 is now available in 37 sizes, spanning 16-21 inches, series 35-70 and speed index H, V and W. Applications include Range Rover Evoque and Kia Sportage.

The EUROWINTER HS01 uses state-of-the-art tyre design and technology to provide outstanding performance and comfort under winter weather conditions of wet, icy and snow-covered roads at temperatures 7oC and below. The EUROWINTER HS01 SUV tyre provides the same high traction performance, specially optimised for the 4×4 and SUV sector with the appropriate high load index needed.

The tyre model’s compound has been developed with the use of cutting-edge Advanced 4D NANO Design Technology to improve traction in snow and ice and deliver extraordinary resistance against aquaplaning, as well as better fuel efficiency and extended tyre life.

To further enhance winter weather grip, the HS01 combines Miura Ori 3D sipe technology and a unidirectional tread design for outstanding traction and braking in winter conditions. Based on the Miura-Ori method of folding a flat surface into a smaller area, the Miura Ori 3D sipe technology shifts the tread blocks to significantly increase the tyre footprint under pressure and tensile load, ensuring the tyre delivers top performance in the wet and snow. Meanwhile, its ACP (Adaptive Constant Pressure) tread design ensures even pressure distribution across the tyre’s contact patch for improved directional stability, braking performance and wear life, combined with an even tread wear pattern.

´Falken’s EUROWINTER HS01 and EUROWINTER HS01 SUV tyres are available now.