Fabienne Wohlwend is one of the 20 young drivers who emerged from the 50 candidates at the selection test to take her place in the W Series. The Liechtensteiner first sat in a kart at the age of seven, before stepping up to Formula 4. Her biggest motorsport success so far came last year, when the 21-year-old became the first woman ever to win the ProAm class in the Ferrari Challenge. “It was my most emotional and nicest victory to date. The Ferrari Challenge has been going for 25 years, so to be the first women on the top step of the podium was rather special,” says Wohlwend.

When the qualified banker heard about the W Series, she wasted no time in applying for the new women-only Formula series. She successfully came through the tough acceptance test, in which participants must demonstrate technical know-how and physical fitness, as well as completing virtual tests. Wohlwend: “It is great to see women, who are clearly outnumbered in motorsport, being actively promoted and showing the men how things are done. There is a cool atmosphere in the W Series. We do a lot together and get on well. Out on the track, however, the racing is just as fierce as it is with the men.”

The Hankook race tyre is an old acquaintance for the young driver. She came to know and value the premium tyre maker’s Ventus Race two years ago, in the Audi Sport TT Cup. “I coped very well with the Hankook tyre in the front-wheel drive Audi Sport TT Cup. It is exactly the same story in the Formula car in the W Series. The tyre is incredibly consistent and you can still set top lap times even late in the race. For me, it is an advantage that I already know the Hankook race tyre well, and it suits my driving style perfectly,” says the woman from Liechtenstein.

This is just one reason why Wohlwend is aiming high this season. She had originally set her sights on finishing among the top seven drivers. However, after successful tests and the good interaction with the Hankook race tyre, she is now looking to end the season on the W Series podium. The 21-year-old has never lost sight of her dream. “I would like to make my hobby my job and become a professional racing driver. The W Series, for which you do not need to provide your own financial resources, is a unique opportunity to take a big step in that direction. My ultimate goal is to earn enough money to make a living from motorsport.”