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“Exemplary” Vredestein Quatrac All-Season Tyre Secures ‘Five in Five’ with Auto Bild

The Vredestein Quatrac has this month become the only product evaluated in Auto Bild’s comprehensive annual group test of all-season tyres to secure consecutive top-five results over the past five years. This independent tyre test is one of the largest and most detailed of its kind conducted in Europe, evaluating over 30 leading brands.

For the 2023 test, a group of 35 all-season tyres in 225/45 R 17 specification were evaluated, all fitted to a Mk8 Volkswagen Golf before being put through a series of well-defined performance-related assessments across wet, dry and snowy surfaces at locations in Germany, Austria and New Zealand.

Highlighted overall as “exemplary” and a “specialist in the wet” during testing, the Quatrac secured second place for handling on a ‘wet circle’ test track. The Vredestein tyre also performed well when tested for braking in the wet, helping the vehicle return to a standstill from 100 km/h in just 40.3 metres – just 1.6 metres off first place. Topping off its achievements in the wet, the Quatrac achieved fifth place for aquaplaning and impressed testers with its “dynamic driving behaviour.”

In the snow, the tyre achieved sixth place in braking performance, maintaining its impressive stopping distances despite the challenging conditions. During testing, Auto Bild praised the tyre for its “reliability on slippery slopes and ice intersections,” and its overall “good winter qualities.”

In the dry, the Quatrac offered “sporty steering behaviour,” achieving fifth place in handling. The testers also found the Quatrac to be “pleasantly quieter” than the other products, while praising its “impressive levels of comfort,” underlining its suitability for year-round use.

Yves Pouliquen, Group Head of Sales and Marketing at Apollo Tyres, said: “The Quatrac has grown in demand across Europe, thanks to its premium performance, safety and value. We’re honoured to be showcased as a leading all-season tyre manufacturer once again by Auto Bild and will use this success to drive further improvements across our entire range of products.”

The latest results mark five years of success for the Vredestein Quatrac in Auto Bild’s all-season group tests, including first place for the Quatrac 5 in 2019, when it was identified as having “no real weaknesses.” In 2020, the publication once again praised the Vredestein tyre, making it joint winner for securing the highest or second-highest mark in all 14 test categories. The Quatrac received the ‘Best All-Season Tyre’ title in 2021, as well as the publication’s ‘Price-Performance Recommendation,’ and also took home another “exemplary” accolade in 2022.

30 years of all-season tyres

Apollo Tyres’ premium Vredestein brand has been renowned for its all-season tyres since the 1990s, becoming a pioneer in the segment and remaining at the forefront in terms of technology and innovation. Today, the iconic Vredestein brand features on the most comprehensive and diverse portfolios of all-season tyres on the market.

There are now three main Vredestein all-season offerings: the core Vredestein Quatrac product line, the Quatrac Pro+ for performance cars and SUVs, and the Quatrac Pro EV – the first all-season tyre in Europe dedicated to battery electric vehicles and hybrids. TheQuatrac Pro EV builds on the success of its all-season siblings, introducing a range of new features to manage the elevated torque and higher vehicle weight typical of modern EVs.